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FIFA 08 (7.5)

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FIFA 08 (7.5)

Post  GAZamataz on Thu 03 Jul 2008, 12:51 am

i got up at 7am to buy this game!
and im still undecided if it was worth it.

Difficulty: Just Right
Time Spent: 10 to 20 Hours
"Mixed reactions"

all be it i was half asleep and still had bed hair i still managed to notice the 50 price tag!! 10 more than the xbox version...
but i thought what they hay and bought it anyway!

now aside from the horrible price tag (which automatically makes me expect more from my game) because i work hard for my money i get the game home.

i pick arsenal as my team and im away.

straight away i notice that the players are FAT! and none of that PH rubbish. and dont particularly look like their counterparts in real life.
but i let that slide and continue on.

think hey, why not make myself a player.... at least it might look like me.
no......... its useless, unless u want the ability to move your eyes about alot and put them at funny angles. (which mine are not)

moving on....

all this new skill stuff...
reminds me of FIFA street... tricking yourself into walls and going crazy.
i know its not like that... but during an actual match its rubbish, or maybe im just rubbish at it, i dont know...
the only time i actually found it remotely uselful was during the one on one with the keeper during loading!

i know so far it seems like ive slated the game alot... and i think its mainly because i expected more.

players run agonisingly slow and passes never get anywhere, i found myself using the thru ball button to get it to anyone.
again this may be because i was half asleep, or not very good. but all the same its amazingly frustrating.

the commentary IS great though and so is the soundtrack...
but when on the pitch, its little conserlation.

i did like the new mode and how it helps you try to stay in position and be part of the match instead of it.
reminds me of libero grande and i dont think thats a bad thing.

i loved how players fell to the ground when kicked though and the menu's are pretty.

when i get home i shall play this some more and hopefully my view of the game shall differ.
maybe i just need to emerse myself into it more and get to grips with everything a little more before sending this game to sleep.

im still to play the game online seen as my broadbands packed in recently.
but when its back and we have 5 on 5 online up and running, it may just wake me up.

i think PES will still end up being number one after this years installment.
but i'll keep my fingers crossed for this years version of FIFA
and that i had just dozed off during all the amazing bits.


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