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R6V2 (7.5)

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R6V2 (7.5)

Post  GAZamataz on Thu 03 Jul 2008, 12:49 am

why was i so excited about buying this game again??

Difficulty: Just Right
Time Spent: 10 Hours or Less

right... well lets start from the beginning...
one of the first games i ever really player for my PS3 was R6V...
i was in love... all be it a hand me down old xbox 360 game i thought it was the bee's knee's....

you know whats coming next...


oh my ass thats a good game.. graphically, the levelling up system always gives you something new asap... the gameplay is frantic and fun.

but yeh, r6v2.. brings back memories of when i first fell in love with r6v in the first place... its tactical, the cover system...
and because COD4 had been out a while i didnt see why there couldnt be an improvement graphically and so forth..
the A.C.E.S. system and the legging it button all pinched from COD4 basically

so it was due to come out when we'd all be scoffing our chocy eggs... but cos of that we all get it a day early...
i couldnt wait!

but before i'd even got the game i was hearing of niggles and discrepancies in graphics and gameplay etc...
but i thought ive been waiting for this bloomin game forever and im dam well gonna buy it.

so i did...
got it home... and straight away theirs a patch... oh
thats never gonna be good outa the box!

but i make my little dude and LOVE how you can map your face with the playststion eye... i think i look rather dashing and worked well.

so i start to play... **** me... graphics went out the window straight away
this game defo isnt a looker..
and then i started playing it... hmm
it didnt bring back the feelings of the first game what so ever...
its lost its spark.

millions of loading screens before you can do anything

and just isnt laid out quite right...
but i can live with that
so i find my m8 online and give him a game...
tried to anyway

we eventually managed it and cheered when we did...
(you shouldnt cheer for when you connect to any game btw, it should be a given)

but then when we tried to change maps he vanished and couldnt get back in again
(hopefully something they'll eventually fix)
but its a bugger all the same

to be honest, the only thing that really stood out to me was the co-op story mode...
its great... a right laugh and brings a whole new dimension to the gameplay
with multi sided attacks atc...
unfortunately you still have your 2 computer AI mates following you about getting lost and basically just in your way ARGH!
if only you could leave them behind...

the A.C.E.S. leveling up thing makes you wanna shoot guys that little bit more and is cool... altho not as fun as leveling up in COD4 im afraid.
the gaps are too far between levels and you dont get as good stuff to play with.

all said and done ive spent the rest of my evening with one message on my screen.

"unable to establish a connection to this match"

and hense me writing this stupidly long review!!

i want to love this game... and in a way i do... but its not r6v and its not COD4... its lost in between and i dont like it.

to be honest the only thing keeping me playing is the fact that my guy looks like me HAHA how sad...

i dont think it deserves an 8.5 and isnt all that great... mid 7's possibly
just doesnt feel next gen (i mean current gen) to me :/ sorry guys


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Re: R6V2 (7.5)

Post  Guest on Thu 03 Jul 2008, 8:44 pm

I witnessed the frustration that was this game and it wasn't even worth it! Didn't look half as good as COD4 and all the problems with connecting online made it a big thumbs down in my book. Really disappointed, especially when I loved R6V Smile but who even cares, COD4 all the way!


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Post  Ghost_Assassin on Mon 14 Jul 2008, 3:04 pm

I think that's why i dumped it, it just could not cut it against COD4! Ghost Twisted Evil

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Re: R6V2 (7.5)

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