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GT5p (8.5)

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GT5p (8.5)

Post  GAZamataz on Thu 03 Jul 2008, 12:48 am

with a few tweaks the full game will blow you away!!

Difficulty: Easy
Time Spent: 10 Hours or Less
"Surprisingly good"

playstation = GT
its a well known fact, and a game that others have tried to copy over the years, but lets face it... theres only 1 GT!

ive always been a fan of racing games and ive enjoyed all the other GT's before hand.
ive found them punishing and time consuming, but worth it all in the end.

but for some reason i was reluctant to go out and buy myself part of a game...

who in their right mind would part with their hard earned cash for a game that.. to be fair isnt even finished yet!

(hand up) i would be...

and im really glad i did...
in the previous GT games ive found handling... well lets just say difficult.
me and the wall were firm friends and it was hard work to keep anything on the track.. fortunately the AI was useless and you could pass them all on the last corner...

but with this GT it was different....

the car stayed on the track!!!!
in all fairness the AI is still useless and at times amusing... seeing dirt fly all over the place as the cars wizz off the track as i used to do.

i went straight into the new cockpit view... and again i wasnt disappointed!
every car looks amazing from the inside and out.
and is even more fun to drive when yr actually sitting behind the wheel.
it gives it a realer feel and isnt that what GT is all about.
the addition of the driving line is welcomed, with breaking points and speed indicators Smile which can all be turned on and off.

it obviously looks amazing...
and when it drives really well too... you cant go wrong.

but we all know that...
what you want to know is whats not quite right.
and there are a few things ive noticed.
to begin with, there no crash damage.. not the end of the world to be fair, but in this version at least there isnt any kind of simulated damage.. so that if you did crash head on into a wall your race would be over.
im sure something like that will be in the full game.

another thing... which to be honest is the most worrying so far...
its extremely stripped down, you basically pick a race and your thrown into one with random other people.
no lobbies, no racing your friends, just random names above cars.
dont get me wrong, it beats the interesting AI, but its not what i was hoping for by any means.
also there as far as im aware.. no voice chat. my headset didn't do anything.
these are things that i feel NEED to be in the full game.
as well as cars flickering and odd patches of slowdown, but they aren't too noticeable.

and finally, the update patch. the game has already been patched and its a nightmare to get it installed!
it WILL take you forever! but it will work eventually after about 10-15 tries.

all that aside, its addictive, more fun to actually drive the cars and heading in the right direction for when the full game is released next year!

id recommend it and it will keep you going till GT5!

when you go through a tunnel on one of the tracks...
your lights dont come on!
isnt that dangerous?!


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