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MGS4 (9.5)

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MGS4 (9.5)

Post  GAZamataz on Thu 03 Jul 2008, 12:46 am

Single player is AMAZING! multiplayer is all over the place

Difficulty: Just Right
Time Spent: 10 to 20 Hours
"Mixed reactions"

Right ok, i feel that im going to keep this review pretty short, seen as everyones basically writing the same thing about how amazing it is etc...
and their not wrong. this game IS amazing and should be bought by anyone with a PS3.

the single player portion of the game is immense, and i shall indeed be going through it a few times because its just great to play and you are able to tackle each mission in a variety of ways to get to the end.

i have no gripes with the single player mode.. and if i found any then i would just be nit picking.

but what isnt as good... by quite a way is the online play.
to be honest with you ive only given it a few hours of my time and i just dont feel that the type of game metal gear is... its not very good with other people.

where they first fell down was that stupid konami ID rubbish.
we all know its just going to be a way of getting money out of us in the long run and is a lot of messing about.

i haven't been able to find any of my friends online because you have to search for them which is useless. we all have different names which you will have to ask your friend for before hand etc.... zzzz

then i go to play the game (alone) and no one seems to have a mic!!!!!!
its a tactical game and no one is talking to each other. i know thats not the games fault, but it certainly doesn't help what so ever.

you spawn in front of enemies ALOT! and once your in the line of fire you can wave goodbye.

matches don't ever quite seem to end. it tells u every so often who's won, but i feel confused and get no satisfaction from winning or killing anyone in the game to that matter.

the only mode i actually found fun is the one when someone is snake and has octo-camo and legs it about stealthiness. thats a bit more like what Metal Gear is all about.

hopefully when i am finally able to find one of my friends in a game things may start to change, but until then, ill be sticking with the single player mode.

so if you want your fix of online shooting i would stick with the slowly dating COD4 and for an amazing cinematic single player game i would beg you all to play MGS4.


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